Scott Creighton and Larry Johnson of Womer & Associates (Architect/Engineers) approached the HUB Sports Center earlier this year to do a review of our Commercial Property Report produced by the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau (WSRB).  These “CP” reports dictate the baseline starting point for insurance premiums.  In their review, they identified discrepancies between the report and real life conditions. The sprinkler system was not getting all the credits that it should have been getting.  Eradicating the inefficiencies resulted in a building re-rate and a reduction in our Loss Cost rates from .056 to .032 (43% reduction). The insurance company states this will earn an approximate 33% reduction or $2,000/year from our insurance costs.

Scott Creighton stated there is “inefficient” documentation in about 30-40% of Washington commercial property reports. The inefficiencies are not from WSRB negligence, but from documentation (which validates fire system quality and performance) not available to them at the time of the field survey.

Womer & Associates were knowledgeable about what to review, timely and very easy to work with. They also provided a “code” letter to the Spokane Valley fire marshal that allowed us to remove obsolete hose lines, which will save us additional long term costs.

Scott and Larry provided this work as a donation to support the HUB to assist with the capital campaign. These reduced rates remain with the building even if we change insurance companies in the future.

On behalf of the HUB Sports Center Board of Directors, we would like to say, “THANK YOU!”  These cost savings will help us keep this facility as a resource and positive impact to the youth and community.


ABOUT WOMER & ASSOCIATESWomer and Associates is a full-service professional firm that specializes in planning, architecture, and engineering services for commercial construction projects.  We strive to provide excellent service by turning unique ideas and needs into successful construction projects.  This is done by listening, understanding, and leading.  We blend culture with function to create unique architecture and engineering. Website: www.wwomer.com

ABOUT THE HUB SPORTS CENTER – HUB Sports Center is a 501c3 nonprofit sports facility.  The HUB opened in 2007 and has operated with a positive cash flow since October 2010.  The over 66,000 sq. ft. of space is used for community events, outreach programs and athletic activities.  Our purpose is to provide events that have a positive impact on youth and the community.  Website: www.hubsportscenter.org