Business to School Reading Program

Many students in our community will have virtual learning and teachers will be online with them throughout the school day. In speaking with some teachers, counselors and administrators, it would be very helpful to have a guest appear during a school day to read to the class.  We are targeting grades K-5 for this program and between 9:30am-2:30pm.  Reading time would be 15-30 minutes, via Zoom or some online platform. The book and date/time will be determined by the business and the teacher.  

Program Outline:

Businesses register with the HUB Sports Center with contact information for the point person for their business.  They would include the number of employees who would participate, how many days per month and if there were any particular days of the week/month that would be optimal for their participation. (A business could “adopt” a school/grade level and be the guest readers for that specific group.)

HUB Sports Center will reach out to school principals when we have businesses ready to participate to ask if they have teachers who would like guest readers.  HUB will match up a business contact with a teacher.  The teacher and business will then finalize the date, time and book (appropriate reading for that grade.)  The books could be borrowed from the local library if the business guest reader doesn’t have one at home.  The guest reader will “visit” the class virtually to read to the students.


  • Students get another “voice” in their day to break up their learning routine. Story time and reading aloud is very important in student learning development, especially in the early grades.

  • Teachers receive a short respite during their day.  They will still be present during the reading but will not have to be “point person” during that time.  Obviously, they cannot have guests physically into their classes during virtual learning so this is another way to involve the community into learning.

  • Businesses get to help out our local schools. Depending on the class and grade, they may be able to share about the work they do in addition to the reading time. They get to have a short break during their day to interact with youth in the community and demonstrate community service and giving back.


If you are interested in signing up please email
Please include the following information:

  • Name (who will be the Point of Contact)
  • Business Name
  • Contact Info (email/phone)
  • Number of employees available to read
  • What month(s) you can assist (Oct/Nov/Dec)

Participating Companies: Baker Construction, Waste Management, Avista, Sculptured Gardens, Fairmount Memorial, BECU, City of Liberty Lake, Canopy Credit Union, Dishman Dodge, Bank of America, Greenstone Homes, Washington Trust Bank.