Quotes & Stories from people about the HUB Sports Center.

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The HUB Sports Center is a beautiful facility and it is my hope that the HUB will continue the quality programs it offers and bring new opportunities for the youth in the Inland Northwest to enjoy fit and healthy lifestyles. – Maria L. (Local Parent)

Whether it’s a child who is in the HUB 360 programs, team sports, or individual sports; the kids are benefiting.  Keeping these children busy in a healthy setting is crucial to their well-being and to the community in which they are a part of.  I think the HUB has a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children. – Max Spalding (Founding Board Member)

I believe not having the HUB as a facility to use for AAU would hurt youth basketball in the greater Spokane area.  Usage of other facilities would be stressed.  Schedules would have to be extended earlier and later to handle the additional game loads. – Tom R. (AAU coach)

This is a place that helps underprivileged kids, provides space for tournament of all sports, helps our seniors stay active with pickleball and badminton, provides indoor space for practice and sports camps, to name a few, and still helps drive the local economy.  If someone could look into the building and see all that it is, they would gladly be involved. – Mary K. (Former WA State Auditor)

Community centers such as the HUB Sports Center are essential to providing these critical and safe environments for our youth to gather. – Sheriff Knezovich

I’ve only been there once and it was for the father-son event u had.  My son was 4 at the time. Introducing him to all the sport activities the HUB has, brought a smile to his face, which in turn make me one happy dad to see my son enjoying sports as much as I do.  You guys rock! – Ric M. (local parent)

We all are truly fortunate to have such a great facility that meets a wide variety of needs for our community. – Scott G. (Local Business Owner)

The AAU basketball program and other competitive athletic programs promote discipline, teamwork, and other important life skills. Without facilities to compete, valuable opportunities to work with our youth in a positive manner may be missed. – Tracy U. (Basketball Mom)

The new 360 program is a shining example of putting kids first.  It combines homework, snacks, talks with mentors throughout the community and court time.  The positive affect on the kids has been notable and, with a little help from friends, will be expanded. – Lynn Schindler (Former WA State Representative)

The HUB has also been an important addition to the region’s inventory of competition venues, attracting many regional and national events. Hosting sporting events generates a significant economic impact and has become an important tool in the economic development strategies of our region. – Eric Sawyer (Spokane Sports Commission)

Loved experiencing the excitement of my son making his first game basket, and celebrating his team’s first win of hte season! – Jim R. (local parent)

Spokane AAU Basketball, a Spokane Hoopfest program, looks forward to utilizing this tremendous facility for league and tournament play for many years.  Clearly, the HUB is a very important asset for our AAU program and having access to it, without question, improves our league and tournaments. – Rick Steltenpohl (former AAU Executive Director)

This facility has substantial impact on the livelihood of not only our organization, but all the other youth organizations, senior groups, community members and others that utilize this facility.  It is a necessary addition to our area that provides opportunity and also a sense of community that is so very important in today’s society. – Russ Poage (PNQ Tournament Director)

Walking in for the first time for a breakthrough (basketball) camp and thinking every city needs a HUB! – Amy B. (local parent)

For the Spokane Valley to have facility that provides the “heart beat” for our community through youth sports is outstanding.  There is significant research that shows that kids who participate in organized sports perform better in school, have better interpersonal skills, are more team oriented, and are generally healthier. Participation in sports provides opportunities for leadership and socialization, as well as the development of skills for handling success and failure. – Rick Sloan (Central Valley Basketball Coach)

We are so grateful to have the HUB as a facility to use for youth volleyball.  The HUB allows for some great tournaments, easy practice facilities, and are wonderful people to work with as a whole. – Ronell R. (Volleyball Club Director)

I think it better to spend money on keeping our future generation active in sports and making them better citizens than continually looking away and eventually seeing generation after generation failing because they didn’t have an alternative. – Darren V. (Youth Boxing Coach)

I have no reservations about recommending the HUB for any sporting events. – Brian Parisotto (Athletic Director Freeman HS)

It is very beneficial to use (the HUB) to provide opportunities for our youth to play basketball.  I have always told parents that all kids should play team sports, what they learn in team sports is what they need to know as an adult to get along with others to achieve success and apply this in the business world. – Stephen V. (Tournament Director)

I want to strongly encourage you to continue to support the HUB as a facility that is important to increasing participation in youth sports. We need facilities like the HUB to provide practice options as well as for tournaments. – Mark S. (Volleyball Club Director)

There are few facilities as versatile and valuable from a youth sports standpoint as the HUB.  The HUB Sports Center provides great value to our community and is an important element in the progression of youth sports in our region. Fred Crowell (Founder of NBC Camps)

For our community to have such a facility where our youth can learn about hard work and competition, but within a restricted and safe environment, is a real advantage. – Rick Sloan (Central Valley Basketball Coach)

I believe the HUB can serve many groups in this community, from local schools to the kids at risk. – Susan L. (Local Parent)

I support the HUB as a sports facility in the Spokane Valley. I cannot stress how important physical fitness is for today’s young people. In this age of childhood obesity, we need all the sports activities we can provide. – Betty Wolf (Principal Pioneer Elementary School)

The name “HUB” is very appropriate since the building is built to be a hub of activity. – Eric L. (Shuttlefreaks Badminton)

Sports play an important role in defining our region’s identity as an active, healthy place to live. For all ages, participation in sports can provide alternatives to a destructive lifestyle. The HUB has become a valuable public asset and essential to helping build on this important theme. – Eric Sawyer (Spokane Sports Commission)

The HUB provides a variety of opportunity for both young and old, locals and travelers, athletic and academic.  From volleyball tournaments to health seminars, the HUB Sports Center is a much-needed staple for our community as a meeting place for people to become and stay involved and interact with others craving similar experiences. – Russ Poage (PNQ Tournament Director)

Thanks for everything. I think we had a good camp. You and your staff were great hosts and I thank you for your interest and all your help. I think your community is very lucky that you guys are there. – Don Kelbick (Founder of Drillz & Skillz Basketball)

I found the HUB is so much more than a sports facility.  The HUB stresses community values and safety, all in the spirit of good clean fun.  – Lynn Schindler (Former WA State Representative)

As a coach who is constantly looking for places to teach, the HUB provides just the place for coaches from many different sports to teach their kids. – Matt H. (Youth Basketball Coach)

The HUB addresses so many needs in our community, offering a sports venue for all ages, offering a safe haven for the 360 program and drives the economy of the local area.  All this is done within a tight budget that is self-funded. – Mary K. (Former WA State Auditor)

(HUB 360) provides an amazing alternative for our students who do not normally have other events after school. Students are excited and energized to attend this program. – Laura H. (Central Valley Asst. Principal)

Students will often come back to school the next day beaming as they tell stories of what they did at HUB 360 the previous afternoon. – Laura H. (Central Valley Asst. Principal)

Students indicate they know the HUB 360 staff care about them and respect them. They look forward to attending the program and express that is where they want to be after school. – Laura H. (Central Valley Asst. Principal)

It’s a perfect place where he’s safe and learning self-control, appropriate social skills and behaviors.  I appreciate everyone holding him accountable and giving appropriate consequences when needed.  I think it’s helped him grow up a bit. – HUB 360 Parent