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HUB Sports Center Policies & Conduct

Weapons: The HUB Sports Center does not permit any weapons on the property and is considered a weapon free zone regardless of whether an individual possesses a concealed weapons permit or not. Carrying or concealing a weapon or any device/object that may be used as a weapon is strictly prohibited. The exception to this policy is a sworn uniformed law enforcement officer with proper identification and the weapon must remain in their possession at all times.

Tobacco: The HUB Sports Center does not allow smoking or tobacco products in or on the premises. The HUB Sports center is a smoke and tobacco product-free environment. This includes vaping and e-cigarettes, please refrain from using.

Drug use/possession: The possession, distribution, or sale of controlled substances such as illegal drugs, non-prescribed medications or marijuana is strictly prohibited. Being under the influence of such controlled substances is strictly prohibited while on the HUB Sports Center’s premises or sponsored programs.

Political Events: All political campaigning events are prohibited. An elected official can hold an event at the HUB Sports Center as long as it is not in an election year when they are running for office, these events will be selected on a case-by-case basis via an approval by the Executive Board.

Alcohol: Using or possessing alcohol on HUB Sports Center property or at HUB Sports Center’s sponsored programs is prohibited.

Animals: Animals are not permitted in the building. The only exceptions to this policy are Service Dogs as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). According to the ADA, service animals are dogs individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. All Service animals must remain with the owner at all times. Under the ADA service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. Individuals who cannot use such devices must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls. The individual is liable for any damage/accidents that may be caused by their service animal. The HUB Sports Center may exclude service animals only if: the dog is out of control and the handler cannot, does not regain control or the dog is not housebroken. Under the ADA, “comfort,” “therapy,” or “emotional support” animals do not meet the definition of a service animal.

Loitering/Overnight parking: Loitering within facilities or on the grounds of the HUB Sports Center is prohibited. Any overnight parking on the HUB Sports Center property is also prohibited.

Harassment and/or sexual contact: Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language, or any type of menacing behavior is not tolerated. The HUB Sports Center prohibits physical contact with another person in an angry, aggressive, or threatening way. Sexually explicit conversation or behavior; any sexual contact with another person are all prohibited.

Inappropriate Behavior/Language: Interference with or delay of the game/event is not tolerated. Attempting to enter the field of play, court, stage or backstage areas without permission is prohibited. Participants or spectators may not throw, discharge, or launch any liquid substance or objects. Using profanity and/or offensive words (which are likely to provoke a violent reaction from others), taunting or using offensive language against the players, referees, or performers are all prohibited. The HUB Sports Center will not tolerate verbally abusive behavior, including profanity, angry language, swearing, name-calling, or shouting at others.

Amplified Sound & Music: Patrons using a studio/court may request permission to play music or use microphone on portable electronic speakers for their activity on each occasion of use. Portable electronic speakers are not permitted in lobby and parking lot. Any sound amplification must be kept at a courteous level. Clean and family-friendly music is encouraged. HUB Sports Center staff has the authority to ask patrons to turn off music if offensive/vulgar or ask patrons to turn down music if deemed too loud.

Dress Code: All guests in attendance are required to wear a shirt and shoes at all times for their own safety. Black soled or other shoes that leave marks on the floors are strictly prohibited.

Children: For their safety, children under the age of 12 are not permitted to be left alone in the building at any time. Parents of children 12 and under must remain in the facility unless they are under direct adult supervisor or registered in a supervised program/event. Please respect these guidelines, they protect your child.

Other Items that are prohibited in the HUB Sports Center:

  • Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, hover-boards and like items.
  • Air horns
  • Helium Balloons
  • Belts made of metal or chains or including spikes and/or studs
  • Bullhorns or noise makers
  • Confetti
  • Laser pointers
  • Outside Food or Beverage that requires electricity to keep warm/cold
    • All food and beverage, other than water, must be consumed in the lobby area.

Parking Lot: Please help us keep our parking lot flowing smoothly and safely by following the map below.

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