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HUB 360 After-School Program

The HUB 360 program serves 6-8th graders from 3:00-6:00pm on school days. Staff mentor students with their school work, teach them about healthy living, provide an opportunity to experience a variety of sports.

Police Activities League (PAL)

The Police Activities League is about providing opportunities for our youth to interact with local law enforcement in a positive activity and help establish respect and understanding.

Homeschool Physical Education

Homeschool PE students will focus on different motor skills while learning different sports and games. They will learn proper techniques and game rules that will help them in their development.

Special Needs Customized PE

Customized PE is for any student who needs special accommodations due to an intellectual and/or developmental disability. Students perform at an individual level of ability without pressure or competition, and will have the chance to learn more about sports in a way that is customized for each individual’s needs.

Dads & Dudes Night

This event is about fathers and sons spending quality time together, having fun, deepening relationship and making positive memories. Come have a ball and a barrel of fun!  We will have opportunities for basketball, football, soccer, pickleball and more. There will be relay races, skill competitions and other fun games to play.


Play the growing sport of pickleball at the HUB Sports Center. Learn the game or brush up your skills at one of our many clinics. Or drop in for some open play and play against other pickleball players.

Pre-K Sports Day

Take a field trip to the HUB Sports Center to experience a full-filled time learning a variety of sports.  This is set up for Preschool and Day Care organizations to have an opportunity to go off-site and have some physical activity and education time with their children.  (Especially in the winter time when it is more difficult to be outside.)

Unlock Your Future

This event provides an opportunity for middle school students to learn about career options and pathways post-high school that don’t require a traditional 4-year degree. Students have the opportunity to meet with various companies from the Manufacturing, Construction, Trades, First Responders, and Medical industries in-person who share information about their industry and potential career pathways for students directly out of high school.

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