PlaySight live streaming and on demand video – now at HUB Sports Center!

We have installed cutting-edge sports technology to provide you with live streaming and the ability to buy your game, match or tournament video after you are done playing here at the HUB Sports Center!

Video on Demand

Live Steaming







Volleyball Live Streaming CLICK HERE

Basketball Live Streaming CLICK HERE

What is PlaySight?

PlaySight is a sports technology company that is connecting the next generation of athletes. By bringing cutting-edge sports technology to youth and amateur sports, PlaySight is enabling today’s young athlete to combine their physical sports careers with their digital world – giving them the tools they need to get better, build their fanbase and get to the next level.

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Evergreen Region Volleyball – Decoder Ring          PNQ Volleyball – Decoder Ring
Court 1 – HUB 1b / Court 2 – HUB 1a                        Court 40 – HUB 1b / Court 41 – HUB 1a
Court 3 – HUB 4b / Court 4 – HUB 4a                       Court 42 – HUB 4b / Court 43 – HUB 4a
Court 5 – HUB 3a / Court 6 – HUB 3b                       Court 47 – HUB 3a / Court 46 – HUB 3b
Court 7 – HUB 2a / Court 8 – HUB 2b                       Court 45 – HUB 2a / Court 44 – HUB 2b

What is a SmartCourt?

A SmartCourt is a connected camera system powered by artificial intelligence and the latest in machine learning technology. By installing cameras around courts, fields, gyms and rinks, PlaySight is making these sports facilities ‘Smart.’ The cameras provide several benefits to PlaySight athletes and users, including affordable live streaming, multi-angle video, SmartTracker technology, instant replay, as well as tagging software, data and analytics.

How does the technology work?

PlaySight’s high-performance camera system is connected to the internet and the back-end PlaySight platform, which uses the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to capture sports video and data and store it in one place for athletes and users to review, edit, share and manage. The PlaySight app gives users the ability to take their SmartCourt and non-SmartCourt sports video with them wherever they go.

Don’t forget to tag #PlaySight when you are sharing and posting your own SmartCourt highlight video! Here’s a video on how to use the mobile video editor.

How Does PlaySight Work?