“Our story really started  once we turned our futures completely over to God. We started coming separately to the HUB in late 2015, early 2016.  We both loved playing pickleball with the many levels of play offered and we especially loved meeting new friends and making lasting friendships.

Wayne was at the HUB waiting for a court to open up when Pat and 2 great friends, Helen and Marie, came walking across the gym with a net, Wayne walked over and offered to help set up the net….very secretively admiring Pat. Of course, they felt sorry for “lonesome” Wayne and asked him if he would like to play. From that day on, Wayne tried desperately to be there when Pat came to play. One day Wayne said to Pat, “haven’t seen you for a while”. Pat, very dryly, said, “I come on Mondays and Thursdays, pay attention!” Wayne was totally in love!

We played in a tournament together and Wayne kept trying to be around Pat by asking Pat and Helen and Marie to coffee or lunch or anything! Finally, a real date, Wayne’s birthday party and “THE EVENT”, the pickleball cruise on the Spokane river. We danced and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed our pickleball “family”. Wayne asked Pat to marry him on July 15th (approximately 7 months after we met) at Snoqualmie Falls in Western Washington, We became husband and wife on November 26, 2016. PICKLEBALL RULES!!!” – Wayne Peterson