November 12, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
HUB Sports Center
Lawrence Middleton

Wushu is literally translated as “martial arts” and, when written, is comprised of the two Chinese characters “wu” (martial/military) and “shu” (arts).  Chinese characters are based on pictograph, where words were originally represented by their physical appearance.  The character for “wu” is the result of two simpler characters, when separated, has been interpreted as “self-defense”.

Anybody can do wushu!  Wushu is skill-based, so regardless of your age, gender, physical attributes, or experience, you can be taught wushu.

For children in their formative years, self-discipline is important and by implementing repetition, hard work, rhythm, details, and rules, wushu is a fantastic way to improve the learning process.  Wushu will provide an activity to do all year round to compliment your other seasonal physical activities and help you become a well-rounded individual since it requires thought in addition to its physical components.  Because wushu is skill-based, it is a great way for friends and families with diverse physical talents and abilities to participate in together. It is also an amazing way to develop friendships with interesting people that can last a lifetime.

For professionals who are at your desks or vehicles all day, exercise is absolutely essential.  In addition to looking better, exercise has been shown to stimulate chemicals in your brain which can also make you feel better.  Numerous studies show that exercise helps to combat depression while improving self-esteem.  Wushu can also strengthen your heart and lungs; help improve the quality of your sleep; improve your concentration and focus at work; and has been known to prevent type II diabetes, osteoporosis, and types of cancer. Besides improving the quality and longevity of your life, wushu is simply fun!

For athletes, wushu is a powerful way to cross-train because it is a comprehensive art form that involves running, jumping, kicking, punching, flexibility, explosive linear and circular movements, and much more that will make you the most effective athlete you can be.  Additionally, the mental focus, emotional clarity, and physical awareness will enable you to reach your full potential as an athlete.

Instructor Background: 12 year personal trainer, Member of the USA Traditional Wu Shu Kung Fu team of the pre-Olympics, Bronze Medalist in the World Traditional Kung Fu Competition, US Air National Guard Security Forces

Lawrence recently moved to Washington State from the Washington DC metropolitan area. Lawrence was born and raised in New York City and developed a passion for personal fitness and Chinese Martial Arts as an outlet for himself and as a means of self-defense. Lawrence’s passion for Martial Arts grew as he had opportunities to train with some of China’s great masters. The martial arts skills that Lawrence developed led to an opportunity to compete for the initial USA Traditional Wu Shu team in Zhengzhou, China during the Beijing Olympics in 2004.

Wushu Little Tigers – 1 month $55.00

Wushu Adult Training – 1 month $69.00

Classes meet Saturday from 11am-12pm and Tuesday from 6-7pm

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