February 17, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
HUB Sports Center
Inland NW Tournaments

Join ERVA for the VolleyMania Youth Jamboree!

This fun-filled event will include opening ceremonies, a format that will provide plenty of touches for your youth players, prizes, music, food, and FUN!

Pool Format

U12 and Under: Matches will consist of 1 game to 11. The points will be initiated with a toss, alternating sides after each point. Both teams will rotate every 2 tosses. After the first round of pool play, the teams will be reseeded based on their finish into the next pool.

U14 and Under Non-Club Teams (developmental/league teams): Matches will consist of 1 games to 25 with players serving and rotating in a traditional fashion

Bracket Format

After pool play, teams will be seeded into brackets. Matches will consist of one game to 25 points (or 21, depending on time constraints) with the players serving and rotating in a traditional fashion. There will be semi-finals, a game to decide 3rd/4th, and a Championship game in all 4 brackets.

Modified Rules
  • A single player can only serve 3 consecutive points. After the third, the opposing team gets the ball and rotates.
  • U12 and Under: The 10 foot line will be used as the serving line. After each made serve at the 10 foot line, the player must take a step back. U14 teams will use the traditional service line.
  • Subs must enter right back, exit right front.
  • U12 and under: Ball must be tossed to middle back during pool play.
  • U12 and under: In pool play, the first team to 11 wins automatically. No winning by 2. U14 teams:first team to 25 wins. No winning by 2.
  • All teams: In bracket play, a team must win by 2.

$100/team includes a VolleyMania water bottle AND lunch for every player!

Register through AES. You will create a YOUTH  team OR 14 DEVELOPMENTAL team in AES to register. If you have more than one YOUTH/DEVELOPMENTAL team use the team rank 1, 2, 3… 12-year-old development kids are still eligible to participate on the YOUTH teams.

Boys/Girls players and/or teams eligible.


Contact Amanda Youngers at amanda@evergreenregion.org