April 14, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Youth Online Scavenger Hunt @ Facebook.com

Join HUB Sports Center Tuesday, April 14th for a youth themed scavenger hunt and not even have to leave your home! This event will be tailored toward elementary school aged youth. To participate you’ll need a smart phone, at least two people (adults and/or youth), and time (and we all have plenty of that)!

Click here for event page

HUB Sports Center will post in the Facebook event over the next few days for more info and post ways to get some bonus points as well! Make sure you mark that you are attending this event so you get the notifications!

If you’d like to just watch the fun, you’re welcome too! All of the fun times will come in through posts in this event, so just mark attending and you’ll be in on the fun!

HUB Sports Center’s Family Home Scavenger Hunt Rules!
HUB Sports Center’s Family Home Scavenger Hunt Rules!
– At 2:00 pm we will go live on HUB Sports Center’s Facebook page to start off the event.
-After that video, we will post our first mission in this Facebook event page. There will be 15-20 total missions. Each one will be worth a different amount of points. We will post a new mission (on THIS event discussion board) every 5 minutes until there are none left.
-When your team completes a mission (by either taking a picture or video), you will submit it as a comment on that mission post in this event. Be sure to include your team name with your submission to help our scorekeepers!
-Family Friendly: Please keep your videos and photos family friendly. Thank you.
-Bonus Points: there will be opportunities for bonus points both before the event starts and during the hunt! Check the discussion board of this event.
-The event will last from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. No submissions allowed after 4:00 pm. Work with your team to decide which missions you want to complete by 4:00 pm. You may not have time to complete all of them, so you may need to strategize on which ones to complete.
-Wednesday, April 15 at 2:00 pm we will go live on the HUB Sports Center’s Facebook page to go over some of the highlights of the hunt, give out bonus points, and tell you our winners!