November 12, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
HUB Sports Center
Lawrence Middleton
My Bootcamp @ HUB Sports Center

Think of “bootcamp” and it may conjure up images of the military’s bootcamp “where civilians become soldiers.”  But at its core, a bootcamp is a transformation.

YOUR bootcamp is all about your journey to reach your true potential. What are you preparing for? Is your bootcamp “where fat becomes fit?” Or “where couch potato becomes marathoner?” Or “where frail becomes strong?” Or “where fatigued and foggy becomes energetic and sharp?”

Whatever your transformation may be – that’s MyBootcamp.

Our classes are NOT hardcore military. Our goal is not to turn you into a soldier. Our goal is to PREPARE you. Prepare you for what? Well, that’s unique to your story. Maybe its an obstacle race. Maybe its the Zombie Apocalypse. Or maybe its just about being prepared for the race of life – that daily marathon you run for your family or for your career – or both!

You do not need to “be in shape” to do MyBootcamp. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, MyBootcamp will take you to the next level with a focus on mobility, functional strength, conditioning, combat elements and nutrition.  You’ll learn to move well. You’ll lift heavy things quickly (and safely thanks to our amazing instructors). You’ll punch things. And we’ll teach you how to tackle nutrition – because you can’t out exercise a bad diet! Our instructors are the best in the industry, our music is bumpin, the community is supportive and fun and the results are undeniable. The bottom line? You’ll feel bulletproof.

My Bootcamp –

5 intro classes – $40.00
12 classes – $240.00
16 classes – $288.00
24 classes – $384.00

Classes meet Mon/Wed/Fri from 11am-12pm and Wed from 6-7pm

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