October 27, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
HUB Sports Center
$10 Landing Fee
Indoor Fly-In @ HUB Sports Center

Join the IEQF and the HUB Sports Center for the indoor Fly-In! Bring your RC foamies, park flyers, helicopters and free flight models to beat the cold with two full courts of indoor flying fun.

AMA membership required to fly. AMA membership number must be provided before flying.

Spectators are welcome.

I.E.Q.F. Indoor Radio-Controlled Flying Rules:

  • Current AMA Membership required for pilots. AMA membership number must be provided before flying.
  • Maximum weight limit for All types of aircraft: 10.58 oz./300 grams. (An electronic digital scale will be used to weigh any aircraft that may be in doubt).
  • Maximum wingspan for Airplane: 34 inches.
  • Maximum rotor diameter for Helicopters: 13 inches.
  • Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft will be flown with helicopters and drones. VTOLs will not be flown with airplanes.
  • First Person View (FPV) flying is not allowed at this time.
  • The indoor speeds for all aircraft should be kept reasonably moderate to accommodate any obstacles encountered (including other flying aircraft) in the permitted flying area(s).
  • Mid-air collisions are an inherent and unavoidable risk; nevertheless, all aircraft should have reasonable ability to maneuver to minimize this risk.
  • Spectators will be required to stay in the designated area(s) unless an individual has been specifically invited by a pilot to assist him/her.
  • Children are not permitted beyond the spectator area(s) unless under the direct, immediate, and continuous supervision of an adult, or under flight instruction.

The above Rules are subject to immediate revision(s)/addition(s) by the Flight Director anytime during Indoor Flying if they appear to be inadequate for safety or other practical reasons.