September 9, 2020 @ 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
HUB Sports Center
CVSD Academic Support Program @ HUB Sports Center

It’s almost time to go back to school and the HUB Sports Center is here to help support kids & their families with their distance learning.

We are providing a daytime academic support program for Central Valley School District students in K-8th grade. CVSD staff will facilitate access to distance learning programs.

Students will be placed in groups of 20 with teachers based on grade levels. This will be their group for the entire week. Families will be kept together the best we can.

Bring your laptop with power cord each day.
Have functional headphones with microphone capabilities for each student (preferred).
Bring log-in and distance learning information.
Bring basic school supplies needed for distance learning (pencils, paper, etc.).

Must be pre-registered.

Cost: $50/student per week. Dates are non-transferable.

When: Monday through Friday. 8:00am-3:30pm. Begins September 9th.


Virtual Elementary Schedule – Example
9:30-10:00Morning Meeting: Social Emotional Learning
10:00-10:30English Language Arts (ELA)
Small Group Instruction-Group A 15 minutes-Group B 15 minutes
ELA Independent Work



10:30-11:00ELA: Being a Reader or Making Meaning – WHOLE GROUP Instruction
11:00-11:30ELA Small Group Instruction

-Group C 15 minutes

-Group D 15 minutes

ELA Independent Work


-Independent Reading

11:30-11:45Break: Bathroom, Snack, Brain Break
11:45-12:00ELA: Being a Writer – WHOLE GROUP Instruction
12:00-12:30ELA Small Group Instruction


ELA Independent Work



1:00-1:30Zearn Math – WHOLE GROUP Instruction


-Word Problems

1:30-2:00Small Group Math Zearn Lesson

-Group A 15 minutes

-Group B 15 minutes

Independent Math Zearn Work

-Zearn digital

2:00-2:30Science/Social Studies/Enrichment


2:30-2:45Break: Bathroom, Snack, Brain Break
2:45-3:10Science/Social Studies/Enrichment


Class Meeting Wrap Up: Social Emotional Learning


3:10-3:40Student Independent Work and Teacher Access Time


Virtual Middle School Schedule – Example
8:30-8:35Log-on time for students
8:35-10:051st period
10:05-10:15Passing period/log-on time for students
10:15-11:452nd period
12:15-12:20Passing time/log-on time for students
12:20-1:503rd period
1:50-2:00Transition period/Independent wrap-up
2:00-3:00Student Independent Work and Teacher Access Time

COVID Policies:
Parents/guardians must stay outside the facility except for check-in/pickup or in an emergency situation. Everyone will need to wear a mask when in the facility (may be taken off during physical activity). Students will need to bring their own water bottle – drinking fountains will be closed (filling stations will be open). We kindly ask everyone to please exit the building after the program ends. Student attendance will be tracked for contract tracing purposes. HUB Sports Center works closely with the SRHD and follows SRHD and CDC Guidelines.