December 2021 Newsletter

Happy Hub-a-days to you and yours! We hope you have wonderful connections with family and friends this season. Look below for a few of our favorite things. HUB Sports Center is participating in #GivingTuesday on November 30th! Please consider supporting our outreach programs and events through a tax deductible donation by CLICKING HERE. Through your [...]

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November 2021 Newsletter

It's wonderful to see HUB Sports Center's calendar filling up with activities this fall. We are excited to host youth basketball again with YMCA and AAU Leagues beginning this month. Check out the activity calendar below for events for your family. Drive-In Movies for HUB-o-ween! Last chance for Drive-In Movies on October 30 with "Hocus [...]

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October 2021 Newsletter

HUB Sports Center is gearing up for an eventful October. If you would like to learn more about HUB Sports Center as an organization, you can register for our virtual All-Star Breakfast happening at 7:30am on Thursday, September 30th.  Come take a peek behind the scenes with all HUB Sports Center is doing for our community. Drive-In [...]

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September 2021 Newsletter

HUB Sports Center is ready for our fall season of events and activities. Mark the calendar, bring the family and participate in our HUB Family Fun Festival on Friday, October 1st. It's a great time to check out all of the fun and games at the HUB for FREE. Drive-In Movies are BACK! Two dates [...]

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August 2021 Newsletter

We are fired up and ready to end summer on a high note with our August events and activities.  We start with a sold out Nigel Williams-Goss basketball camp and end with the Liberty Lake Throw Down corn hole tournament. Check out the summer camp options and other family friendly activities at the HUB Sports [...]

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July 2021 Newsletter

It's a hot time for activities in July.  Join us for some great summer camp options and other family friendly activities at the HUB Sports Center. Register early as we already have camps and events near capacity. Drive-In Movies are BACK! Our July movies are "Wall-E" showing at 8:45pm and "Independence Day" showing at 11:00pm [...]

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June 2021 Newsletter

We are ready for summer! There are some great summer camp options and other family friendly activities scheduled at the HUB Sports Center in June and all summer. Register early as we already have some events near capacity. Drive-In Movies are BACK! Our June movie is "The Parent Trap" showing on Friday, June 18. Click [...]

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Summer Camps & Special Events 2021

We have some fantastic summer events planned for 2021. Below is the list of summer camps and summer activities with the HUB Sports Center. Sign up early so you don't miss out on this summer fun with the HUB Sports Center. TEAM EVENTS Pac-NW Basketball Championships - HUB Sports Center is teaming up with The Warehouse [...]

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May 2021 Newsletter

We enjoyed welcoming many events and activities back to the HUB Sports Center as we hosted our first tournaments and basketball games in over a year. We are hopeful for our May events and activities to be at full strength as we provide a safe place for our youth to play and participate. Drive-In Movies [...]

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April 2021 Newsletter

We are officially in Phase 3 and can start hosting tournaments and basketball games!! It's been 390 days since our last tournament and 398 days since our last basketball game. Looking forward to those events in April. HUB Sports Center is hosting a fundraiser run, April 24th. The Glow Your Own Way run has options [...]

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March 2021 Newsletter

We are excited to be in Phase 2 and hosted our first competition in 350 days on February 20th! We have limited dates/times still available for team practices and trainings. Click Here for the rental request form. HUB Sports Center has partnered with MultiCare Foundation and will host a benefit concert on March 10th. This [...]

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February 2021 Newsletter

We would LOVE to see you at the HUB Sports Center soon. We are offering a limited number of programs and play options while preparing for more as soon as we receive the green light. Be sure to check out our educational Youth Development programs. While 2020 was NOT what we had planned; in retrospect, [...]

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January 2021 Newsletter

We hope you are healthy and ready for 2021!! At this point, we don't know when we can return to "normal" activities, but are prepared to welcome you back as soon as we have the green light.  We will continue to offer our educational Youth Development programs in January. While 2020 was NOT what we [...]

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December 2020 Newsletter

We miss you!! This latest shutdown has us in limbo for many of our December programs.  However, we will host Drive-In Movies on December 5th and we can offer our educational Youth Development programs at the HUB Sports Center. Check out our afterschool programs for Physical Education and Project-Based STEM Learning. HUB Sports Center is participating in #GivingTuesday [...]

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November 2020 Newsletter

While we are missing many of our usual events and activities, we are enjoying our Youth Development programs at the HUB Sports Center. Check out our afterschool programs for Physical Education and Project-Based STEM Learning. We have extended our Drive-In Movie options as well. Keep up to date with the HUB Sports Center Facebook and Instagram pages [...]

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October 2020 Newsletter

As you make your plans for the fall, be sure to check out our Youth Development programs at the HUB Sports Center.  Physical Education and Project-Based STEM Learning can be challenging in a virtual environment. We have you covered with these activities after-school at the HUB. We hosted a fantastic Virtual All-Star Breakfast Fundraiser on the [...]

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Youth & Family Activities Fall 2020

HUB Sports Center has a variety of activities for youth and families this fall. Please take a look below and find the best fit for your family. Our after-school programs will be a great compliment to virtual learning. After-school Play/Study Program - Beginning September 21 and continuing through December 17 this after-school program focuses on play, enrichment [...]

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September 2020 Newsletter

Ready or not, here comes September! We have reached out to the schools and community to discover where the HUB Sports Center can fill in some gaps.  There are a handful of first time programs we will be running at the HUB this fall which are listed below. We have moved our HUB All-Star Breakfast [...]

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August 2020 Newsletter

We hope you are staying cool during this heat wave! Reopen Update: We are still waiting for the next transition opportunity so we may provide more programming. We are currently following the Phase 2 guidelines for fitness facilities.  We can host groups of 5 for training and have provided space for volleyball, basketball, badminton and martial [...]

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July 2020 Newsletter Update

Happy Summertime?! We hope July is more eventful than June. Reopen Update: On June 2, after 80 days of no activity, we hosted a volleyball training session! It has been wonderful to have some activity and noise in the facility with some 5 person training sessions in volleyball and basketball. It has been challenging for [...]

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