Coming back to the Greater Spokane Valley area for the Summer of 2024!

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This Program is Free for all participants due to the many sponsors, especially our Program Title Sponsor, We Play.

HUB Sports Center is proud to sponsor this program and bring it to the community for our youth to engage and be active over the summer. Play Unplugged is a challenge to all youth to unplug from electronics, find an activity, and play! This encouragement begins by giving them something to “earn.” Kids earn a Brag Tag for every activity they complete. Each Brag Tag has points they can collect and then turn in for real life rewards as defined by their parents. Our goal is to help kids re-engage with the real world, help parents plan a fun and exciting summer and give much needed visibility to local businesses.

What is a Brag Tag? A Brag Tag a plastic tag, somewhat resembling a “military dog tag” that represents a Play Unplugged challenge or activity. On the front of the Brag Tag you’ll find an image representing specific activity. On the back of the tag , you’ll find information used for tracking the tag.

Each Tag contains the title of the activity as well as a point allocation. These Points can then be tracked and used in drawings, contests, etc. Special attention to every detail has been considered to ensure each Brag Tag maintains a highly collectible feel and desirability.

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Brag Tag College Date: TBD at the HUB Sports Center

Sponsored Tags – 2024
See all Tags & Challenges HERE!

Adventurer – Liberty Lake Library
American Patriot – City of Liberty Lake
Artist – Sweet Annie’s Creamery
Basketballer – HUB sports Center
Bike Rider – Washington Trust Bank
Bubble Blower – BocoPOP
Cake Decorator – Nothing Bundt Cake
Camper – Inclusa Health & Wellness
Champ – Skyhawks
Collector – Modern Electric Water Company
Dancer – Youthful Horizons Therapy
Flosser – BrightNow Dental & Orthodontics
Hiker – New Love Coffee
Junior Police Officer – City of Liberty Lake Police Department
Money Maker – STCU
Monkey Hunter – Just Chillin’ Eats & Sweets
Pizza Partier – Versalia Pizza
Roller Skater – Roller Valley Skate Rink
Storyteller – We Play
Super Saver – BECU

BUSINESSES: For information on sponsoring a Brag Tag and have kids and families come to your location to collect a tag contact the HUB at 509-927-0602 or


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Play Unplugged?

Play Unplugged is a kids’ summer activity program designed to keep them active and engaged with different activities which don’t include electronics. It all begins with providing the right kind of motivation that gets them moving and active without them even knowing it. In this case it is a “Brag Tag”. Kids earn a Brag Tag for every activity they complete. Each Tag has points they can collect which can be used for real life rewards as defined by the parents as well as enter to win prizes at the HUB’s Family Fun Festival in September. Our goal is to help kids re-engage with the real world, help parents plan a fun and exciting summer, and give much needed visibility to local businesses.

How long is the Program?

The 2024 program will start on on Memorial Day Weekend and run through the HUB Sports Center’s Family Fun Festival at the end of September.

How much does it cost to participate?

This program is completely free to kids and their families. Some challenges may require a small purchase in order to complete the tag requirements.

Who can participate in the program?

Play Unplugged is geared towards elementary school aged children in the Spokane Valley School Districts. However, there are often older or younger children who want to participate as well as kids outside of the area. All are welcome!

How do we prove we did an activity?

That depends on the sponsor of the Brag Tag. Some may require a photograph, others something physical such as a drawing or list. Others may only require your word. Please see the detail page for each Brag Tag in order to verify what needs to be done.

How do we collect the Tag?

After completing the activity, you can visit the sponsor of that Brag Tag. Please take note of the hours listed as to when they are available. A parent or guardian must accompany the child into the business in order for them to receive their Tag. Both an adult and child must be present to collect the tag.

How many Tags can be earned?

The total number of tags available will be available on our website. You may earn a tag more than once, but no more than one time per week. You may only earn Points for each tag once. New Tags could be added, so keep an eye out for new additions.

What are Brag Tag Points?

Each Brag Tag has a point value assigned to it, “Points”. Points can be used in any number of ways. First and foremost, they can be used to redeem rewards that have been set up by you, the parent. In other words, once a child has earned enough Points, they can indicate which predetermined reward they would like to receive. The HUB Sports Center will host a Family Fun Festival at the end of September where children can bring in their Brag Tags and enter into a random drawing for prizes donated by local businesses.

How do I register my kid to participate?

This option will be available starting Memorial Day Weekend. Go online to and select “Play Unplugged Registration” and Add to Cart. Answer the next several questions that come up to finish registration.

What is the Brag Tag College?

The Brag Tag College will be a date during the summer where participants can come to the HUB Sports Center and complete multiple Brag Tag challenges in one spot and get the Tag from the Sponsor while there. This way you can get multiple tags at the same time without having to go to each location. Date TBD.

What are points used for?

Points can be tracked online and a Point Scoreboard will be updated weekly. These points can be used to enter into Prize Drawings as well as used for parent specified rewards!

I am a business and would like to sponsor a Tag, can I still join?

Yes! While the program has already started or will start soon, we can still get you started with a Brag Tag, though it will take at least 1-2 weeks for processing & shipping. You can also be a sponsor by donating an enter to win Final Prize that your name will be listed on.