Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Because of these wonderful people in our community, who are willing to lend a helping hand, the HUB is able to reach out to our youth and provide a safe place for them to gather!

Do you have a special skill or talent that you would love to use to help make a difference?  Or maybe you just want to lend a helping hand to our youth in our community?
We need your help!
We are looking for people that want to help make a difference for our youth in our community by volunteering a little time here at the HUB Sports Center.
Whether you are a handyman, a school teacher, a student, or retired, we would love to have your help!

Current Volunteer Opportunities…

  1. We will be refinishing the floors at the end of August 2017.  We are looking for 8-10 people to come help clean and move the bleachers from the courts into the lobby on Sunday, August 27th.  We would be doing this from 2-5pm.  Then on Sunday, September 10th we’ll be moving the bleachers back onto the courts and 4-6 people would suffice.  We’ll have some drinks and snacks available.  Thank you.
Here are some areas where you may be able to help…
  • Tutoring and mentoring children after school
  • Supervising children after school — parents and grandparents most welcome
  • Concessions (serving food)
  • Coaching, refereeing, assistants (all sports)
  • Landscaping, taking care of the outside facilities
  • Janitorial work inside the building – this business is “picking up”
  • Handyman, fixing whatever needs to be fixed
  • Office work, data entry
  • Welcoming people, checking ID, security
  • Teaching classes
Volunteer Opportunities for High Schoolers

Students from local high schools have opportunities to do “community service” work as a requirement for graduation in the state of Washington. The HUB Sports Center provides excellent opportunities for students to work in a positive work environment.

At East Valley High School, Lynn Lauer is the program coordinator for “Education & Career Outreach Programs.” Students at EVHS should contact her first about meeting community service requirements at the HUB. The school provides the basic training to help young people get ready for “the real world.”

Contact us for more information
HUB Sports Center:

19619 E. Cataldo
Liberty Lake, WA 99016

Phone: (509) 927-0602
Fax: (509) 927-0622

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