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Adopt a Classroom

The HUB 360 program serves 6-8th graders after-school on school days. Staff mentor students with their school work, teach them about healthy living, provide an opportunity to experience a variety of sports – and provide a snack. Community businesses and individuals come and share their expertise in skills, trades, industries and/or talents with the students. (See List)  Our goal is to provide a safe place for these students to come be a part of a community and help build a well-rounded person through enrichment, physical activity and academic study.  There is no fee for these students to attend the HUB 360 program.

We currently collaborate with six schools from Central Valley School District, as well as East Valley Middle School.  Administrators and Counselors from the schools help identify students and families that would benefit from this program.  Students from local high schools and colleges come and volunteer to mentor these middle school students.

This program was developed to address a trend identified by numerous nationwide studies that have identified the hours from 3:00-6:00pm on school days as the most dangerous for middle school students, especially for latchkey kids. These are the hours when kids get into trouble. Studies also show the powerful long-term positive impact that a mentor can have in a middle school student’s life. The combination of food, caring, mentoring and rigorous physical exercise has proven to be a powerful healer in a troubled student’s life. Such programs are viewed as crucial to improving the high school graduation rates for this group. Strong data show that middle school is the last, best chance to reach these kids.

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HUB 360 Outline // HUB 360 Overview

If you have questions about the program, want to make a donation, or inquire about being a guest speaker, please contact the HUB Sports Center at 509-927-0602 or info@hubsportscenter.org.