The IRS has designated the HUB Sports Center as a 501c3 nonprofit company (26-0173199).  Donations to the HUB are tax deductible.  The HUB is actively pursuing donations and sponsorships from individuals and businesses.  We value your support.  The funds raised will go towards outreach programs and scholarships for local youth, operating expenses and a reserve for future capital improvements.  The HUB has operated with a positive cash flow since October 2010.

The HUB Sports Center provides opportunities for youth in various sports, a place to practice and play.  There is a lack of quality, indoor facilities in the greater Spokane area.  Without the HUB, the local school facilities would become even more impacted than they already are.  This would force youth teams to practice earlier in the morning and later in the night to find available time and space.  These teams may also need to use older, less safe facilities as the better facilities will already be at capacity.  National and regional tournaments would go to other cities and communities which would result in a loss of over $6 million dollars of revenue from outside visitors.  Over 175,000 people visit the HUB Sports Center each year.

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Our FacilityWatch Video

The HUB Sports Center is a 66,500 sq. ft. multi-use sports facility that contains five regulation basketball courts, two aerobic studios and open workout space.  It is the 3rd largest indoor sports venue in the greater Spokane area behind the Spokane Arena and the McCarthey Center.  We host community classes, youth sports practices, tournaments and leagues for the YMCA, Spokane AAU, Evergreen Region Volleyball, Special Olympics, PNQ Volleyball, USA Boxing, Badminton, Spokane Regional Sports Commission and many others. This facility benefits the entire Spokane and Coeur d’Alene region.  Youth from all over the area come and participate in activities at the HUB Sports Center.  It affords our local teams the opportunity to stay home for major tournaments and not constantly be on the road to play good competition.

Youth OutreachWatch HUB 360 Video

Sports not only benefit the physical needs of children, but the mental and social aspects of life as well. The HUB believes in the positive life lessons children can learn through being involved in sports.  The HUB provides a safe place where these lessons on teamwork, discipline, respect, sportsmanship and how to deal with winning and losing can be taught and caught.  Click Here for more information on HUB 360 afterschool program. Please consider a donation of any size.  All donations are tax deductible.  Think about leaving a legacy for our children and grandchildren.  They need a safe place to play and exercise year round.

Capital Campaign – HUB 300 Club

The HUB Sports Center is an integral part of our community.  We have embarked on a capital campaign with a goal to purchase the facility and secure it as a permanent resource to the community.  Click Here for more information on the campaign and how to join the team and HUB 300 Club.