Whether it’s an airport, a train station or a computer network, a “HUB” is a place to connect. HUB Sports Center (a 501c3 nonprofit) is a place to connect with your Community and a Cause. The HUB Sports Center is a community based regional sports venue, in partnership with other community non-profits, where youth, adults and seniors take part in a variety of events and activities. Our funding sources are a combination of fees and donations.  Any surplus funds are returned to the organization to support operation and maintenance of our 66,000 sq. ft. building.  We own our facility and strive to be good stewards of this community resource, operating with a purpose to provide events that have a positive impact on youth and community. Every young person has a dream of doing something great, of giving their lives to a cause greater than themselves. The HUB is a place to dream such dreams, to discover destinies, and become the “cause” for which they were created. Our purpose in life is best discovered when we jump into serving others.

  • Phil Champlin, Executive Director
  • Ryan Barbieri, Program Director
  • Lace Goodson, Program Coordinator
  • Mary Pat Davoren, Office Manager
  • Sarah Henderson, Development Coordinator
The HUB’s Board of Directors
  • Brian Prior, President
  • Cherne Haskel, Vice-President
  • Laura Frank, Secretary
  • Jeff Grimes, Treasurer
  • Steven Anderson
  • Jennifer Bull
  • John Guarisco
  • Nancy Hill
  • Amber Marlow
  • Nicky Poole-Duris
  • Don Savage
  • Hugh Severs
  • Max Spalding
  • Ken VanSickle
  • Rob White
Mission Statement

“HUB Sports Center joins the communities of faith, sports, education, business and government to positively impact our youth and region through events and programs that enhance life skills.”

Purpose Statement

“To provide events that have a positive impact on youth and the community.”

EIN: 26-0173199
HUB atheletes